Documentaires over ons financiële systeem


Documentaires en andere filmfragmenten over ons financiële systeem.

The two Johns”; comic sketch with quite a few relevant insights. John Bird and John Fortune, november 2008.
Clarke & Dawe. Dito. hn Clarke and Brian Dawe, October 2008.

Understanding money and the global financial system.
Money as Debt“. Via youtube in five parts.
The Flaw. What happens when the rich get richer?”. Broadcasted by Holland Doc; seems no longer available on uitzending gemist.
The Ascent of Money“. BBC documentary on financial history, 2008.
Memoria del Saqueo”. A film on Argentina and its financial catastrophe. by Fernando Solanas, 2003.

Local solutions
The Money Fix”; the second part: “Solutions” (from 49:30 onwards).
“Het Broodfonds“; a dutch alternative for the self-employed to insure against falling ill. :

Global solutions
A lecture delivered by the Positive Money People.

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